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Portugal - Economic overview

Contents extracted from the comprehensive atlas of international trade by Export Entreprises

General economic indicators

GDP (billions USD)229238212219227
GDP (annual % change, constant prices)2-1-3-21
GDP per capita21.5622.3320.0420.6621.37
General government balance-9-7-4-3-2
Inflation rate14311
Current account (billions USD)-24-17-322
Current account (annual % change)-11-7-211
Unemployment rate1113161718


Value added (annual % change)-42-1-
Value added (in % of GDP)2222-
Value added (in % of total employment)1111111-


Value added (annual % change)-94-1-5-
Value added (in % of GDP)23242424-
Value added (in % of total employment)28282726-


Value added (annual % change)1-1-2-
Value added (in % of GDP)74747474-
Value added (in % of total employment)61616364-

Exchange Rate

Exchange Rate11111

Foreign trade in figures

Imports of goods71.6575.6482.4772.1675.19
Exports of goods44.3148.7459.6758.3362.87
Imports of services14.1514.315.8113.2514.02
Exports of services22.423.0326.3524.2227.02
Imports of goods and services (annual % change)-18-5-7-
Growth rate of exports of goods and services (in %)-11173-
Trade Balance-24.98-25.27-19.67-11.57-
Current account-23.95-
Share of foreign trade in GDP6377678-
Share of imports of goods and services in GDP3539439-
Share of exports of goods and services in GDP28313639-

Exchanged goods

FDI in figures

FDI inward flow4.6652.7062.64611.158.916
FDI stock99.97114.71111.686111.828117.161
Performance Index*, ranking on 141 economies95/181125/181116/18168/181
Potential Index**, ranking on 141 economies51/141--57/177
Number of Greenfield investments***10465716141
FDI (in % of GFCF****)8662626
FDI (in % of GDP)449494755
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